I Handle QSL's for the following calls

W6IZTGregg Marco
W4IZTMountain Amateur Radio Contest Org
AI7BThree Rivers Contest Club
K7OPQWestern Oregon Amateur Society


I require that you provide appropriate SASE or SAE+ current IRC or SAE+greenstamp for direct mail return.

ALL QSLs received without appropriate means for a return are answered via the bureau.

I prefer multiple QSO's for each station to be placed on one QSL card in chronological order, especially those sent via any bureau. Example: you worked V85OO five times? Put all 5 QSO's on one card in date/time order. You'll save postage on direct mail! It will save me a lot of extra work, especially on bureau cards sent that way since many bureau cards get separated and I end up having to look up all QSO's separately. If they are all on one card, I can process them all at the same time.

PLEASE! If you send your QSL via one route, do not send a duplicate QSL via another route. For example, if you send a card direct, please DO NOT also send a card via the bureau! This creates a lot of double work for me. Thanks!

QSLs received via the W7 QSL bureau are answered 100% and are either answered via the ARRL outgoing QSL bureau or direct to specific QSL bureaus. However, QSL bureau cards are processed slowly. Be prepared to wait.

Please, NO eQSL!

I am not prepared to handle QSL requests via email, however I welcome any email inquiries.

We can also help with your QSL card needs. We use Aerial Printing Concepts for all of our qsl needs.

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